Stolen Mirror

My label is busy releasing albums by contemporary Irish electroacoustic artists. The first of these is Steve McCourt's debut AC, a personal statement about the place of noise in our lives. Preview a track and order the limited edition CD.


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"Creating an autopoietic improvisation environment using modular synthesis"

This paper will be forthcoming in eContact! 17.4, the special issue Analogue and Modular Synthesis: Resurgence and evolution, edited by Richard Scott.

"Transits and transmissions: Joy Division in space"
25-26 Nov 2015

I've added an entry and abstract for this paper, which will in time be available in full. Check out the Words page.



A term derived from electromagnetism, remanence describes the impression of continuing to hear a sound recently present, but now extinguished. Remanence is psychoacoustic time travel.

This site contains links to over 157 minutes of music. As you browse, note that most images can be clicked to reveal larger versions. I trust you will enjoy your visit here.


Robin Parmar

My practice incorporates electroacoustic composition, sound installations, improvisation, radiophonics, phonography, poetry, theory, and film. Works have appeared in Ireland, England, Portugal, Germany, Spain, Slovenia, and Sweden. I have an HBSc. in Theoretical Physics, a Diploma in Audio Engineering, and a Masters in Music Technology.

I use both empirical experimentation and philosophical research in order to blur the boundaries between science/art, work/play, machine/organic, and so on. These dichotomies limit our engagement with the world... and each other. In particular, I am currently attempting a redefinition of acoustic ecology in order to transcend the ideologies that traditionally define "nature" and "ecology".

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